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You may have realized through cross-pollination of social networks that I am involved in a scout group. The scout group is the 55th Cascadia scouts, and is part of the Baden-Powell Service Association. Lord Baden-Powell is the grandfather of all scouting world-wide, and BPSA is a return to traditional, outdoor scouting that Baden-Powell started at the turn of the 20th century. Bonus–BPSA is co-ed and inclusive.

Scouts on Sunday Parkways

Jonathan Maus,, snapped the top photo of me and my cargo bike on our outing last weekend. Forty-three of us, parents and scouts, rode the North Sunday Parkways, a 9.5 mile ride. This ride, in conjunction with various meetings, will create steps toward a Special Proficiency “Cyclist” Badge for our scouts. To earn and keep this badge, a scout must have a working bike as well as knowledge in maintenance and traffic safety.

Scouts on Sunday Parkways

So why did I bring a cargo bike on this outing? To carry ice, water, and popsicles for our scouts. Several of our scout leaders have cargo bikes, and that makes sense … Be Prepared!

Scouts on Sunday Parkways

Live, Breathe, Modify (wittco posted on July 31st, 2013 )

Front Packitt

Need: location on bike for smaller items such as U-Lock, cable, flat kit, inner tubes, etc.

Requirements: (1) fits on front slope so that cargo can still be braced against the back of the pallet. (2) easy on and off. (3) inexpensive build–originally I intended to make a pack. However, over a year later, it has not happened so repurposing is a great way to go. In fact, there are more compartments in this messenger bag than I would have sewn. (4) can be carried when bike is parked or if pallet needs to be freed up. (5) secure attachment to pallet area.

When I walk down the street and happen upon a cargo bike, there is usually something that the owner has done to make the bike better for them. I enjoy seeing these examples of creativity.

The benefit of a Packitt for me is that I can use the majority of the pallet when the need strikes…impromptu stop for straw on the way home.
Benefit of a Packitt

For other modifications.

Fiets of Parenthood 2013 (wittco posted on July 21st, 2013 )


A quick blurb, surely enough information for a cargo bike to carry.

Join us!!!

Fiets of Parenthood #PDX August 4th! #cargobike

last year:

More information coming. Please spread the word.

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