SurvivalComments (wittco posted on April 27th, 2012 )

Head on over to SurvivalTopics and check out the comments. There is a discussion thread on the Disaster Relief Trials.

(a) what is your overall impression, (b) what can we learn from this, and (c) what statements can be made?

I find the dialogue, even though it is a thin thread, intriguing.

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  1. KYouell says:

    They seem to be focused on getting themselves out of a disaster situation whereas the DRT seems to be focused on staying and helping.

  2. What I see is that people need to be accustomed to using cargo bikes in their daily lives for them to feel useful in an emergency scenario. If you’re not used to pedaling for your groceries, than pedaling when the shit hits the fan may seem near-impossible. Much like the deep pantry vs. emergency ration approaches to post-crisis food, I think that adopting a lifestyle that needs less or no fuel is more resilient than tucking a pedal-powered solution into your garage as a “bug-out” vehicle and ignoring it until you need to “get out of dodge.”

    • wittco says:

      Agreed. I, too, see the learning step here as to live with preparation in mind so that when needed, there is not a lapse due to “having to learn it all right then.” I can fruit and vegetables for that reason. I store dry goods and rotate them into use so that, in effect, I live from my own stores. We can, as you argue, live from our own transportation as well.

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