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Starlight Parade by Cargo Bike ( wittco posted on May 31st, 2012 )

Portland Starlight Parade with Cargo Bike Businesses

Michael Hanna, co-owner of The Mattress Lot, has organized a group of local businesses to appear in the Starlight Parade, June 2, 2012 8:30 pm. As group #107, they will appear at the end. Look for them and chant a loud CARGO … CARGO … CARGO!

As some of you may recall, TRANSPORTLAND attempted to get into the Grand Floral Rose Parade, but it did not work out. Luckily, Michael was ready with energy and time to take the group on another route, carrying the idea much like he carries mattresses in the photo below

The Mattress Lot

Business in the group thus far are:

Portland Pedal Power
Voodoo Doughtnut
PDXK Productions
Builder By Bike
Pedal Bicycle Tours
Mattress Lot
Stites Design
Splendid Cycles

The city of Portland supports many businesses that utilize cargo carrying set ups. You can see a list in our Links page. It is quite a haul.

If you are considering a cargo bike based operation or adding a cargo bike to your business model, there are many resources out there to support you. A cargo bike business model is both viable and profitable.

Photos of these businesses and some more photos.

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You know you are a cargo bike rider when … ( wittco posted on May 28th, 2012 )



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DRTers: a sampling of the riders ( wittco posted on May 25th, 2012 )

Just a sampling to pique your interest for Disaster Relief Trials 2012. A full roster of riders and bikes will appear in June.

Reuben Deumling and Set Up

Reuben Deumling is a bike trailer activist. It is his photo that starts this post. Reuben is currently amassing a bike trailer fleet in the hopes of providing a SE Portland neighborhood trailer rental service. Trailers, rented for cheap, allow anyone with a bike to easily make “car load” trips without a car. Reuben has been involved with developing bicycle-based medical emergency management systems.

Adam Shapiro will be coming up from Oakland, California to compete. He will be riding on an Xtracycle cargo bike with their new SideCar. This will be the world debut for the SideCar product. Adam has won many messenger alley cat races in the Bay area as well as “super market sweep” competitions. Both events are related in nature to the DRT.

Joe Partridge, Deputy Director of Emergency Management for Multnomah County, is a talented bike racer who is excited to compete within our unique format. Joe recently captured second for single speeders in the infamous Trans-Iowa “gravel grinder.

Local deluxe cargo-bike maker, Metrofiets, will have a talented racer representing their latest incarnation. They have not yet revealed their pilot.

Joel Metz, the saltiest professional cargo bike courier of the West Coast (almost 20 years in San Francisco and Portland) will be competing. The larger load and longer distance should cater to his “diesel engine” style.

Ryan Hashagen is the Pedicab King of Portland and has brought pedicabs and food trikes to other West Coast cities as well. He wants to make Portland lousy with pedicabs, business bikes, and food vending trikes, such that streets will become safer and more human-scale, providing a tipping point for the massive population of would-be bike commuters who are “interested but concerned.” Ryan has won (2) Cycle Messenger World Championship Cargo Bike Races: Seattle 2003 and Edmonton 2004. In Seattle, he won using a pedicab (relatively oafish) + incredible fitness + exacting efficiency with route-selection.

Katie Proctor, a prominent cargo bike user in the Portland family community. Katie has a Yuba with custom boxes on either side. Katie, and her husband, David, also in DRT, have used cargo bikes for travel with their children as well as daily errands. Katie recently taught a family biking workshop, and is a salient leader of KidicalMass. Katie is the every day cargo bike rider.

In addition, there will be relief organizations and people like Bruce Harris, a local ARES HAM radio operator, advocate, and leader. He’s the real deal and has stepped up to help us with our authentic disaster communication.

… and many more. Hopefully your appetite is whetted. The map of check points has been revised. Revised version will appear in a week. If you need specifics on the map of check points, feel free to contact us.

Disaster Relief Trials 2012 overview
Words by Mike Cobb, co-organizer of DRT. Photo by Reuben Deumling (who appears in the photo)