55-Gallon Barrel (wittco posted on May 22nd, 2012 )

Stacy Bisker, A Simple Six , asked the cargoverse about carrying home a 55-gallon barrel for rain water on a cargo bike. Stacy got a line on a free barrel so long as she picks it up.

No problem. None. Nada.


Stacy and I both have Yuba Mundos so I grabbed my extra water barrel and staged some carrying options. One cargo bike and one ratchet strap is all it took.

on deck
This option is likely the one most would use. Put the item right on the back like it was a pick up truck. The benefit of this option is that the barrel is balanced on the bike. The bonus is that my bike looked like it had rocket thrusters. Cool!

on running board
This option is likely a close second for options. The Yuba Mundo has many places on which to place items and a multitude of attachment points for straps, ropes, and bungees. This flexibility appeals to riders of Mundos. Mudos also do well with large, awkward, or odd sized/shaped items such as a 55-gallon barrel. Given that the barrel is not full of water, putting it on the running board will not unbalance the bike too much. The benefit of this option is that the barrel was not right behind me when I looked back.

on basket
A silly option, but an option nevertheless. A tall enough rider or someone doing the stand-and-ride stride, would have no issues. I had to crane my neck to get a good view of the road over the barrel, but it could be done. The bonus is that it gave me a reason to use the sturdy Bread Basket. It is also likely to be a sight cruising down the road.

Jim Rudenko, on of the many cargo bike riders that I see on Facebook, had these photos to share of his 55-gallon drum carry. Looks like he plans on carrying a kid as well. Way to go, Jim!

Jim Rudenko and Xtracycle

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  2. Ron Richings says:

    I will see your barrel and raise you one! See photo at:
    So who is up for three on the back?

  3. Martinez says:

    What is the best way to carry a dog on a yuba mundo. The bread basket may be too bouncy and a trailer could work. But trailer is extra kit. Comments welcome!

    • wittco says:

      Martinez, great question. My dog is a large breed. Yuba basket is too small. My Bullitt pallet works. If I had a medium sided dog, I would build a box for the top deck in the back, where kids sit. If a small breed, same box in back or Break Basket.

      I like trailers and they serve their purpose. An inexpensive trailer can be purchased or made to suit a dog. However, you are correct in that it is one more thing, but with the quick off and on attachments out there, it should not be too much trouble.

      What really interests me is the Xtracycle Side Car, http://www.xtracycle.com/cargo-bicycles/xtracycle-cargo-accessories/cargo-and-utility/sidecar.html . While I would not want a side car cargo bike, this solves that occasional need. The side car can be up when not in use, down when needed. Super smart. It gets me how intuitive and simple this idea is. Often times the best option is quite simple and right in front of us.

      I look forward to seeing the Xtracycle Side Car in action at the Disaster Relief Trials this June. I suspect that other companies (long tail especially) will come out with a comproable side car feature. I also suspect that a number of cargonauts will make their own, after market, versions.

      If you see any, let us know.

  4. Nicely done,both of ya’s! :D

    The DC

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