Cargo Kael (wittco posted on May 19th, 2012 )

Cargo Kael

Our eldest son, Kael, started life with cargo bikes. I was unaware of it at the time, but what Kael had done was create his own cargo bike. For me, it was not until about 5 years after this bike that I got my first cargo bike from Clever Cycles. Kael had a tricycle that he would ride around the neighborhood. He would ride, and I would walk. Kael would stop at every stick, rock, and broken car part left on the side of the road and want to take it home. I remarked during one of his rides that he will have to start carrying his treasures home. He said sure and had the idea to build a box on his tricycle. And so we did. We built it together, sanded it, and then painted it. It provided a whole weekend of fun. Then Kael got to use it. Kael was all about cargo bikes even before me. What an early adopter.

The tricycle is now across the street, being used by our neighbor’s son, Ezra. I am pleased to see the tricycle being used by others with box still intact.

Forward, 5 or so years and I am hauling kids to school on a bakfiets. Kael, seen in the front of the bakfiets, never once complained about the cold or the rain or having to sit on the floor of the box because his brothers fit better on the seat. No matter how many things Kael breaks, I will always remember his enthusiasm and willingness to do what it takes for the family.

Last Block (cropped)

Forward a few more years and Kael is playing with my Bullitt from Splendid Cycles. Some kids play house. Some play war. My eldest plays cargo bike rider.

Cargo Kael (cropped)

Forward just a few years and Kael is 11-years-old. He is riding a Mercurio we borrowed from Metrofiets. Kael eagerly wanted to ride the bike when we returned it, so I let him. He did marvelously. If you have ever ridden a Mercurio, you know how much effort it is, as well as how squirrely the bike can be when turning. However, Kael cargoed-on!

Kael, thank you for sharing cargo love with me.

7 Responses

  1. Jim Rudenko says:

    I hope my 10 month old son is like that at 11 years old! Great post!

  2. sara says:

    So incredibly sweet. Go, Kael, and go, Kael’s dad.

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