Laundry Day (Dave Feucht posted on May 4th, 2012 )

Laundry day

We have a small laundry room at our apartment complex, which usually is sufficient for day-to-day laundry, but every now and then we get lazy about doing laundry for too long, and we build up quite a mass of stuff to wash. In situations like these, sometimes we prefer to take all of it to the laundromat and just get it all done at once.


Not owning a car, our options are either to walk the half-mile to the laundromat, carrying all the laundry – or much better, just strap the laundry basket to the front rack and stuff the panniers. Plus then the laundry gets some nice, fresh air on the way back home!


It’s also handy that the laundromat is right next to a delicious Cuban restaurant (Pambiche), within about 4 blocks of two chocolatiers (Alma and Missionary) and across the street from a great pizzeria (Dove Vivi). Plenty of options for lunch or a snack while you’re waiting for your laundry.


In any case, having ‘ordinary’ bikes that enable us to do things like this is very handy. We never go about our daily errands wondering if we’ll be able to carry what we need to, it’s never been an issue. Just hop on, go, and get it done.

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  1. Travis A. Wittwer says:

    I have always appreciated your use of your bike’s front rack. You get a lot of cargo use out of it. For many people, a large front rack, or cycle-truck, would serve their needs.

    Other benefit of a bike with a rack (or cycle truck), you can take it on Amtrak. ;0)

    • Dave says:

      Good point – or on Greyhound, as well (hoping to maybe take a trip to Seaside again this summer, and take our bikes this time).

      The front rack has been incredibly useful, and it’s nice to have a sort of ‘regular’ bike that can also serve to carry quite a lot of stuff.

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