You know you are a cargo bike rider when … (wittco posted on May 28th, 2012 )



  • you never think about if you can carry what you need to when you go somewhere. @poetas
  • you have to do a 3-point-turn to change directions in a narrow area! @YouAintGotJack
  • you look at the contents of truck beds and know you could haul it on your bike. @YouAintGotJack
  • riding a commuter bike seems squirrely! @wittco
  • it takes 3 pedal revolutions to pass a speed bump. @YouAintGotJack c/o Linsday Smith-Aronson
  • you only have to carry a week’s groveries 30 feet from the store. @EthanPDX
  • your response at the coffee shop for what size you want is “cargo!” @wittco
  • you don’t even consider driving a car to Home Depot. Jim Rudenko
  • the beer starts flowin’ Phillip Ross
  • your everyday bike can do everything. Barb Grover
  • your “other bike” sticker says, “my other bike is also a cargo bike.” Jolly Dodger
  • your cargo bike has it’s own photo page. Ryan Good
  • you look at random objects and think “I could totally carry that in my bike. @leyamb
  • you start to sneer at any road biker to get a pair! Martina Schrenke Fahrner
  • every time a pick-up truck passes, you think, “Dang man, I’m hauling more than you!” Ryan Good
  • you realize you have everything you need. Phillip Ross
  • you’ll spend twice as long getting somewhere just because your’re riding instead of driving. Kate Carroll Burns
  • you carry more than you need, just because you can. Elle Steele Bustamante
  • everyone asks, “What’s in your box?” Barb Grover
  • you get on a lightweight bike and it feels like the rope broke to the two dead bodies you usually drag behind you. Rob Storms
  • you see someone driving a truck rental and think, “Ha! I can carry that stuff on my bike for free!” @RuhWit
  • when you’ve never had a driver’s license and don’t intend on getting one! Kelly Benecke
  • your bike would rather do a wheelie instead of rolling forward up a hill. Shane Griffin
  • you look at things and think, “I could carry that.” Jow George
  • you fly past guys in spandex and carbon bikes … on a day you’re not hauling something. Abram Bergen
  • you’re climbing a bridge and people are walking past you, and you are spinning as fast as possible. Shelly Mossey
  • in a climb, you know you have to make it because the bike is too heavily loaded to push! Shelly Mossey
  • you get annoyed when people offer to take your load to its destination. Shane Griffin
  • riding down the road pulling a full-on little boy wrestling match behind you. Kristi Marleau
  • you get tired of explaining your bike to people. (Well, that can also be fun!) Jim Rudenko
  • you look at flimsy luggage racks and laugh on the inside. @CarrygoBikes
  • you are hauling 4 kids on 2 wheels. Scott Mizee
  • you stop thinking about the weight of the bike except in relation to the weight of the payload. and then, suddenly, you’re more efficient than the wispiest of carbon fiber speed machines, but still look with respect on barges. Todd Farhner
  • you refer to your other bikes as toys. David Proctor
  • you have a “utility (bike) room.” @youaintgotjack
  • that enormous chain lock you thought you lost … is under an old newspaper … in your bike. Carl Larson
  • Liz Canning is asking you for film! Interviews! Good sound! HD! @asimplesix

Have a response of your own? Toss it in the comments and we will haul it for you.

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  1. Shetha says:

    I forgot mine! When the checker at Safeway asks if you want to help to your car with your basketload of groceries (because at 8 months pregnant with 2 boys, you clearly need help) and you say “no this will fit in my bike just fine.” And then, said checker takes her break and follows you outside to watch the spectacle of you loading up and pedaling away.

  2. Jonathan says:

    I love Barb’s comment. My latest response to “What’s in the box?” is “Pure evil.”

  3. Tim says:

    When the staff at Lowes hammers on a red flag to the long load of lumber you’re hauling home and then stops to take a picture.

    • Jim Rudenko says:

      Yes! When I go to Home Depot it takes me a long time to load up just because of all the questions I get from staff and patrons!

  4. When at a red light the driver of a tractor trailer (something I used to be,BTW) honks his city horn to give you two thumbs up :D (that happened the first week with my Xtracycle)

    Awesome responses!!! Tim,that’s priceless about the Lowes :D

  5. When the folks at Home Depot let you back your rig into the lumber aisle (after confirming there is no motor on it) to pick up the lumber you need to reinforce your house rafters, garage trusses and build 4 rain barrel stands.

  6. When you bring your own running Hammond organ and Leslie speaker with you to the St. Patrick’s Day parade without using any gas.

  7. Tom says:

    When you ride by on your commuter, none of the neighbor kids yell “Cool Bike!”

    When your car won’t start, your cargo bike always will.

    When you have to push it up that hill, you still look cool.

  8. 2wheeler says:

    When you are smiling the whole way as you ride, and your average speed on the commute actually goes up compared to yesterday on the other bike (after the kid gets off, at least).

  9. Robert Charlton says:

    Your friends call you to meet them at the grocery store, and pay you in food to haul their groceries home for them.

  10. Andy Schmidt says:

    It seems perfectly reasonable to haul 3 bikes, 2 kids, and a bag of groceries… on your bike.

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