DRT Day (wittco posted on June 18th, 2012 )


Disaster Relief Trials was a day to remember. All manner of people, companies, and organizations came out to support our experiment in disaster relief by cargo bikes. For me, it was a spectacular Father’s Day as I was with friends, family, and cargo bikes.

Above, is Meghan Sinnott, cruising through Checkpoint #6, called CORKSCREW. Meghan received a custom Klean Kanteen trophy (only 4 made) for her efforts and success. It will take the DRT organizers a few days to verify times at each checkpoint (there was a great deal learned about the process of relaying information through a ham radio command system). However, the return time for each of the riders places the top man and woman in each category as:

Citizen Class
Reuben Deumline with Bike and Trailer
Meghan Sinnott with Bike and Trailer

Open Class
Pat O’herron with Front Loader
Melinda Williams with Front Loader

We’ll have more soon. Subscribe to TransportLand and you will get all the Disaster Relief Trials news. Since I was at DRT HQ, I was unable to witness the awesome power of people on cargo bikes. However, pouring through the photos, here are a few that struck me.


Checkpoint #2, called ROCK, was the most fun. Riders started with the task of lifting their bike and cargo over a 1 meter barrier; then over a rock pile; through a pond; up a small berm; and through a series of potholes. Above is Jake Worek (#10) hoisting his “Frankenfiets” over the barrier.


These cargo bikes carried a total weight of 100 pounds of disaster relief scenario specific cargo. Above is the Xtravois cargo bike piloted by David Proctor (#8).

Photos are being added daily to the DRTpdx Flickr photo group. You can also search using the tags: DRT, DRTpdx.

Catch the airing of April Baer’s report of DRTpdx 2012 this afternoon on KOPB 91.5 FM, at 4:45 pm.

We will have a specific

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