DRTpdx 2012 Invitation ( wittco posted on June 4th, 2012 )


Joe Bike * Xtracycle * Skedco * Yuba * Metrofiets * Splendid Cycles * Pedalpalooza * Velo Cult

Join us for …
Disaster Relief Trials
June 17, 2012
10 am – 6 pm
Velo Cult
1969 NE 42ND AVE
Portland, ORE


Opportunity ONE: Family Utility

  • Demo a full spectrum of cargo bikes from local shops: Joe Bike and Splendid Cycles
  • See the new Yuba Boda Boda cargo cruiser and the new Xtracyle Side Car
  • Learn about disaster preparation for your family and home
  • See how to transport your family without your car, or without using your car as much
  • Have your questions answered by top cargo bike enthusiasts

Opportunity TWO: City Utility

  • 30 riders will navigate 30+ miles, visit 7 checkpoints, and collect 100 lbs of cargo.
  • This event will provide a working draft for use of cargo bikes after a disaster
  • Create civic connections among groups, organizations, and businesses.

Special thanks to the presenters, organizations, and supporters of DRTpdx 2012:

142nd Fighter Wing // The Oregon Food Bank // Oregon Red Cross // Portland Bureau of Emergency Management // Multnomah County Emergency Management // Portland Fire Bureau // ARES (amateur radio) // Portland Neighborhood Emergency Teams // OHSTAR: Oregon Humane Society Technical Animal Rescue // B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery // Joe Bike // Xtracycle // Skedco // YubaMetrofiets // Splendid Cycles //Guayaki Yerba Mate // Taco Pedaler // as well as
Portland Businesses by Cargo Bike // Cargo Bike Food and Beverage Vendors

A hearty thank you to Sky and everyone at Velo Cult for their generous use of their shop space!

Crave more information? Check out our Event Overview for the set up and media prior to event day from sources such as BikePortland, Homeland Security News Wire, and Emergency Management.

Added July 3, 2012. The slew of attention for DRT through reports, photos, and videos can be found below:

Disaster Relief Trials Top Finishers
(7 Checkpoints, 30 mile minimum distance, 100 pound accumulated payload)

Citizen Female (10:35 am start)
1) Megan Sinnott (MAP + trailer) 2:14
2) Diana Rempe (Metrofiets) 3:08
3) Shetha Nolke (Bilenky longtail) 3:29

Citizen, Male* (10:35 am start)
1) Reuben Deumling (trailer) 2:14
2) Michael Jones (Bullitt) 2:17
3) Dan Kaufman (Disco Trike) 2:29

Open, Female (11 am start)
1) Melinda Williams (Bullitt) 2:23

Open, Male (11 am start)
1) Pat O’Herron (Metrofiets) 1:45
2) Vajda (Yuba Mundo) 1:57
3) Joey French (Yuba Mundo) 2:05
4) Adam George (recumbent) 2:06
5) Ryan Hashagen (Longjohn) 2:06
6) Adam Shapiro (Xtracycle) 2:07

The fastest rider, Pat O’Herron, maintained an average speed of FASTER THAN 17 MILES PER HOUR.

* Matthew Sullens, Metrofiets rider in the Open Class, accidentally started with the Citizen Class riders and finished in 2:03. Had he started with his group, he probably would have achieved a podium spot. He sure looked good.

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