Kael Rides a Metrofiets (wittco posted on June 22nd, 2012 )

A Kid and a Cargo Bike

While running errands for DRTpdx, Kael and I stopped off at Metrofiets headquarters. Kael was admiring Jamie’s bike and asking questions about how it rides. Jamie, co-owner and builder of Metrofiets, pushed down his seat, pulled the bike out of the shop, and told Kael that he could take it for a spin. What a treat! A kid in a cargo bike candy store.

Kael hopped on. I started to give Kael instructions on how to get used to the feeling of a long john, but before I could finish my sentence, Kael had taken off, competently down the road. I ran after him for awhile, taking a few photos until Matthew Sellens pulled up behind me so that I could hop on his Metrofiets cargo bike which is when I took the video. (My applogies for not editing the video. I do not have enough memory on my computer to render videos.)

The next day Kael took Dan Kaufman’s Disco Trike for a ride, pulling behind him two kids in a SKED. This photo was taken at our Disaster Relief Trials.


I wrote about Kael’s enthusiams in a prior post called Cargo Kael.

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5 Responses

  1. Jim Rudenko says:

    What a great childhood!

  2. Karen Wittwer says:

    What a variety of experiences you boys get??? this is so great…Kael learns responsibility and the joy of putting himself “out there”. Kw

  3. I hope my boys will grow up just like Kael! So much fun! You are a fantastic role model and it shows in your fantastic son’s enthusiasm for life and awesome bikes.

  4. [...] rides Jamies Nichols’ Metrofiets and you can hear him in the video saying that he would like a cargo bike of his own. [...]

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