Cargo Bike Roll Call July 19, 2012 (wittco posted on July 11th, 2012 )

Cargo Bike Roll Call

Where has the summer gone? It is the middle of July and a Cargo Bike Roll Call has not been had.

Well, leave it to someone from out-of-town to kick us into motion. Luke Waggoner (Walla Wall, WA)(@lww76) will be in Portland, as will Steve Vance (Chicago, IL)(@stevevance).

Here are the deets:

July 19, 2012
7 pm ish and on

Hopworks Bike Bar
3947 N. Williams Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Tel: 503 / 287-MALT (6258)

We can congregate in the back of HUB where there are bike racks and space. Get there through the alley.

Invite any all all … the cargo rider, the cargo curious!

Luke describes himself as a small town cargo biker visiting Portland, and Steve has a slew of people to visit and places to go.

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