DRT & PT (wittco posted on July 17th, 2012 )


It has been a month since DRTpdx. It was a great event. The memory is still strong as we sort through the feedback, data, and view photos. For me, the memory is even greater than most because I have a thumb injury to remind me. I do physical therapy exercises 4 times a day.

The night before DRT, I visited the ER as I had cut through my thumb with a power circular saw. Cut bone, tendon, and nerves. Happily, I was bandaged up and able to attend DRT the next day.

The next week, I was in physical therapy. After getting a few starting exercises and a splint, Amy, the physical therapist, asked me what my commuting schedule was like in the morning. When I asked her what she meant, she told me that she likes to schedule people for morning appointments and that in Portland, she has had a number of clients that bike to work and so she sets up schedules with this in mind, knowing that extra time may be needed on either side of the commute.

Cool, a hospital aware of different transportation modes. A hospital that is adapting to the environment in which it works.

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    Nice ring, by the way :)

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