Less Car, More Go (wittco posted on August 26th, 2012 )

Liz "Less Car, More Go" Canning

Liz Canning spent the week in Oregon, going from city to city, person to person, capturing America’s cargo bike movement. She has done this in other states as well. It is quite an undertaking as Liz will create a documentary on cargo bikes in America from video that has been crowd-sourced across the country, some from her, but much from you.

If you have the capacity to take footage of cargo bikes in use, get it to Liz. Help to create what will be a great documentary. The video does not have to be fancy, nor does it have to be edited. Editing is one of the many talents Liz possess.

Go straight to her website to watch the trailer; read about her project; or upload video.

I value cargo bikes and what they can do. I value Liz’s project and what it will do.


  • You will find information about Liz’s project under the titles, (R)evolutions per Minute, or Less Car, More Go.
  • There is a Facebook group.

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  1. [...] it’s been too long!!) in Ocean Grove, NJ as a part of the interviewing we were taking on for Liz Canning’s Less Car, More Go documentary about the cargo-bike revolution. If you have been following along with our involvement, [...]

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