Portland Fruit Tree Project ( wittco posted on August 27th, 2012 )

Fruit Picking By Bike

One aspect of TransportLand’s mission is to organize cargo bike use for civic needs. This can be seen in such endeavors as The Disaster Relief Trials; an upcoming project with The Oregon Food Bank emergency food boxes; and our Community Help page which you can use to request the mighty power of cargo bikes and their enthusiastic users. You can also email us at transportPDX@gmail.com

Portland Fruit Tree Project contacted us as the have an upcoming harvest-by-bike event on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 from 10 am to 1 pm.

Portland Fruit Tree Project is harvesting plums and apples in SE PDX (Richmond neighborhood) and they are looking for a couple of folks with the capacity to haul ladders, milk crates, and harvested fruit by bike … cargo bike. This includes trailers! (Never forget the awesome power that trailers offer for hauling cargo.)

If you are unable to make this harvest, I recommend that keep tabs on this organization by signing up for their newsletter or checking in on their Harvest Parties as they plan to have more bike powered harvests.

Portland Fruit Tree Project organizes events that bring Portlanders together to pick neighborhood fruit which would otherwise be wasted. This fruit goes to people in need. This organization is one of the many that make Portland great, and it is one of the many that would benefit from active cargo bike volunteers. The ability to carry supplies by bike will become an increasingly needed volunteer aspect within Portland. Be that volunteer.

Portland Fruit Tree Project is on Twitter. @PortlandFuit

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  1. Ron Richings says:

    Vancouver, BC has had a similar Fruit Tree project for quite a few years. A year or two ago the Cargo Bike
    Co-op project that I was involved with donated a bike cargo trailer to them. So far as I know, they are still using it to transport the good food that they pick to those who can make good use of it.

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