Baiku ( wittco posted on September 18th, 2012 )


Sunday marked the 2012 Fiets of Parenthood, the third manifestation of the family cargo bike event. (photos) and more (photos)

This year’s Fiets of Parenthood (PDX) featured a BAIKU station, beautifully set up on Shetha Nolke‘s Bilenky.

A baiku is a haiku with the topic being bikes. Haikus come in many forms, each adhering to different syllable counts on each line, but typically we know a haiku to have a 5-7-5 syllable count.

Grab your coffee and delve into these beauties.

Winner – Grown-up Baiku:
Up Bridge Avenue
Passing trucks, labored breath, these
Wheels more legs than legs.

Ben Paulus

Winner – Funny Baiku
Riding my small bike
While my longtail’s stuck at home
Oh, Screw you, Amtrak

Madi, Seattle

Winner – child Baiku
Fast Fast I like to
Go down a giant mountain
I like to ride bikes

Wade, Age 5 (who incidentally already has a perfect zoobomb bike)

Honorable mention to all other participants!

Pushing the Big Ring
Kid Screams Bounce left tug right Ugh
At least it’s dry out

Andy Schmidt

Booker on the back
Blackberry bramble branches
Abrading boy on bike


Blackberry in sun
Fennel waves on the bridge
Coast downhill, fragrant

Sarah Gilbert

Nipple confusion
Baby can’t tell where to latch
Glad she can’t wrench yet

Kevin Flick

My kids ride alone
Diapers and naps in the past
Longbike still I ride

Tim King/carfreedays

To school each morning
Then on to work, what a great
Way to start each day


Two kids, tons of gear
“You on a U.S. Bike Tour?”
No, it’s just beach day

Madi, Seattle

Sweat drips off my brow
One hundred fifty pound load
Bakfiets gets us there

Paul Frantz

My own bike no kids
Ride with all my mama friends
We will get home late

Carie Weisenbach-Folz

Bikes are beautiful
And they’re very, very good
For rolling downhill

Booker Paulus White

Slow pedal up hill
Still better than sixty miles
An hour by car


A gear in motion
The pedals clank the chaink drinks
Oh the fun with oil

Chele Schmidt

Pedal and don’t stop
Keep going until you drop
But wear your helmet

Tom & Len (?)

Pedal Pedal Ped
I pedal back and forth
To get to my home

Kael Wittwer

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