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Portland Cargo 2 CLR - Oct 7, 2012

Portland has a variety of groups that have adopted cargo bike capacities, or grown as a result of them. These groups are dynamic and worthwhile. They each serve a need and in examination to the good they do, they are huge.

However, in the larger scheme of the city, these groups are small. That is not a bad thing. It is a small thing.

These groups, diverse in their services, as well as execution, have commonalities such as (a) providing a community service, (b) run by a small staff or volunteers, (c) not having a large payroll, and (d) are small. These commonalities make these varied groups, in essence, one large group whose focus is community involvement; one mind, several hands.

If only we could organize those hands, or bring them together for more power and push. We can. But we have to want it, and see the benefit.

Portland has the potential to create great community movement through organizations that have cargo bike features because cargo bikes bring people together. I am thinking of the various groups to which I belong or the ones of which I am aware. Each group has a strength it could share; each group has a need; and in many cases, people would be happy to cross pollinate or be involved in other groups.

One mind. Many hands.

Oregon Food Bank emergency food boxes; Friends of Trees planting; Trailer building and rentals; Tool Libraries; Portland Preparedness; Food Not Bombs; Portland Fruit Tree Project; and Car-free Living Efforts to name just a few.

Each one, not enough to be a critical mass, but enough in its own circle. Combined, it could be a critical mass. Portland and groups that utilize cargo bikes. It will be a haul-of-a-good-time.

If you have ideas on how to bring people together, or events or organizations to consider, please let us know.

Here is PDF color version of “Old Town” image. Want to help me polish this image and print shirts? Cool. Contact me, Travis, at .

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