Two Cargo Garage (wittco posted on October 2nd, 2012 )

Ethan and Kellie two cargo bike garage

Cargo bikes are at a high level of visibility in Portland. I live along Williams Avenue and I have witnessed an increase in cargo bikes along this heavily used bike commuter route. Even as short as a year ago, a cargo bike passing by my house caught my attention. It was rare, but now, I see several cargo commuter bikes each day.

There is an increase in cargo bike use for every day life. What’s next?

For a person without kids, heading off to the store on a whim to get some fruit is a relatively easy thing to do. For a family, first off, nothing is really a relatively easy thing to do. Add to this, getting the kids’ bikes set up, or a trailer, or a tag-a-long, and you have a simple event that perceptively becomes a big event.

I believe that this perception has slowed many families from adopting bike use for their every day needs, especially families with little children or children with specific needs.

However, this is changing.

Enter the cargo bike–ready to go, and always ready. Many families have found that a cargo bike can easily fulfill the role of grocery-getter, kid-hauler, or errand-runner. Cargo bikes bridge the gap for families looking to use bikes for their everyday needs.

This increase in every day utility has translated into The Two Cargobike Garage. These people (often families) have two cargo bikes in their garage.

My wife and I are part of a two cargo bike family.

Do you have a two cargo bike garage? I would love to hear about it. What is the common thread that brings people to own not one, but two, large, unique, and often expensive bikes? Why two? Is it excess? Does each bike serve a different purpose? Maybe different riders.

If you have a photo of your two cargo garage, share it on Flickr (thanks @asimplesix), and tag it with “2cargogarage” and “CargoBikeGarage” (thanks @EugeneSRTS)

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  1. Stacy says:

    We do, we do! ;) Share and tag where? Happy to send photos along soon. One bike is at work after dropping off children at school, other is in the garage so I can do pick up soon. They were both out together this weekend to make a couple of quick outings with three children a little lighter/quicker.

  2. Dorie says:

    We’ll have two cargo bikes in a couple of weeks: a Kona MinUte and a Bullitt. One carries one kid and the other can carry two kids (also one cargo bike for each rider; our family splits up to four different destinations each weekday, two schools and two offices).

    I actually would like three cargo bikes eventually (talk about excess!) Our ideal third bike would be a second midtail for bus/train travel with the kids and our bikes.

    • wittco says:

      No excess there. If you think about it, the relative “excess” of cargo bikes is a lot less than other options.

  3. sara says:

    Will send this around to our two cargo bike friends. Funny, I was just talking about doing a series of profiles on my blog of families with multiple cargo bikes…

    We, of course, can share a photo which I now can tag “2cargogarage” (instead of “3cargogarage”) because we happily lent our bakfiets to another family with a wee one. Now they, too, join the “2cargarage” crew!

  4. Travis says:

    Stacy–Thanks! Post and tag in Flickr.

  5. We’ve got three cargo bikes. We’ve got a CETMA Largo with a box for the 1 and VERY soon to be two kids. Plus we have a Surly Big Dummy and and Xtracycle Radish.

    They each server a purpose, though the Radish has been ridden less the more pregnant my wife became. She still hopped on her other bike to go to the grocery store despite being due in 4 days.

    • wittco says:

      Two long tails. Do you find you prefer that style or is it something else like price point benefit?

      • We ended up with two because I was often taking mine to work and my wife wanted one to cart the kiddo around with.

        She doesn’t want to ride the CETMA so we’ve kept them all. The is a little too short to comfortably ride the Big Dummy.

  6. Melissa says:

    I would love a cargo bike to ferry my three kids under 6 to school and kindy.

    I live in sunny Perth, Western Australia. Perfect bike weather. I have just booked my car in for it’s THIRD 37,500km service because I just don’t use it that often and when I do it’s to ferry the kids or my shopping very short distances.

    When I mentioned it to my mates, they all thought it was laughably dorky. But since I already grow veggies in my front yard and raise my own chickens in the backyard, I’m already relatively uncool in my well-to-do suburb! Haha!

    So I’m planning on getting one anyway, if anyone comments, I’ll just refer them to this site and tell them “Cargobikes are all the rage in Portland” :)

    • wittco says:

      Oh, you sound like the perfect person for a cargo bike, or, rather, a cargo bike will have a perfect person in you. There are several cargo bike shops in Australia (I know it is a large country). Dutch Cargo Bike has a great logo :O)

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks! I’m favouring the three wheelers, they just seem to be more stable for me. I can’t wait to take it for a spin. Kids are already asking for a big honking horn to mount in the cargo area……

  7. Papabybike says:

    I ride our daughter around on a big dummy that’s too big for my wife. There have been many occasions that my wife has wanted to take E with her on a bike, but her comfort level riding is low at times. With a second kid on the way I can see the need for both of us to take a child & or cargo. Two cargo bikes is still less than a second car in space expense and hassle.

    At some point next year an e-assist edgerunner may be joining our garage. The lower standover, 20″ rear wheel and e-assist are very attractive compared to refitting a bakfiets or bullit with a bionix system. Plus many front loaders ride like Dutch bikes, which we’re not huge fans of.

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