#putafinchonit (wittco posted on December 2nd, 2012 )


Where will the Wittwers be on Friday night?

We will be at Velo Cult, watching Emily Finch on the Rikki Lake show.

When Emily was organizing to head to the Rikki Lake show, we saw the need for a hashtag. Or maybe, it was just me. After a couple of ideas, we ended on #putafinchonit as homage to Portlandia’s Put a Bird on It, and, of course, Emily’s last name–Finch.

The above sketch was done on the back of an essay one of my students wrote shortly after we decided upon the hashtag. Inspiration hit, and I sketched. Some lucky student now has it.

On Friday night, let’s flood the twitterverse with #putafinchonit. Go there now and see what you have missed. Go. Now. I will wait.

You can also infuse the phrase “Put a Finch on it” and “Finch” to describe any situation where something enthusiastic was accomplished (I “put a Finch on that” situation) or a heavily ladened bike (I totally “Finched” that bike with a week’s worth of groceries).

And for those that care, the plural of Finch, is Finches, as in the Finches will be at the Velo Cult on Friday. Where will you be?

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  1. sara says:

    OK, don’t rub it in! We non-PDX family bicyclists are reminded yet again how much fun you all have/make! How I wish I could steal away and end up at Velo Cult with y’all. Instead, I’ll raise a glass here in New Haven.

    And yes, I love the hashtag and the sketch.

    “Put a bird on it” still makes me laugh every time it is referenced!

    • wittco says:

      Sara, don’t see it as rubbing it in. It’s reveling. ;0)

      Someday all of our paths will cross. That would be awesome. A national cargo bike meet up, exposition, party. (With daycare provided)

  2. Nice drawing! When are they coming out with their own activity book?

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