We Put a Finch on It (wittco posted on December 8th, 2012 )


Last night, the Wittwer clan rode out to Velo Cult to watch Emily Finch’s appearance on the Ricki Lake show.

The premise of this episode is extreme lifestyles. Emily and her husband, Mitch, have 6 children and Emily travels around Portland by bike. You have likely seen her widely publicized photos of her cargo caravan composed of her own family, all linked or piled on her bakfiets, or the widely read post on BikePortland.

The party, a big thank you from Emily to all of her “weird” Portland friends, was awesome. Velo Cult is a superb gathering place, and Sky and his crew are the most amazing and wonderful people you could meet. There were many people in attendance: the cargo clans; bikey people; friends and family; and several people I met for the first time, all supporting Emily and having fun while doing it.

Emily surprised us with a slide show, throwing kudos on everyone. What a generous thank you to Portland people. Hopefully the slide show can be rendered so we can watch it again.

The basement was the highlight of my sons as they roamed, played games, and hung out. Again, Sky, thanks for allowing us down there. I had never been and it is peaceful (at least I imagined it could be … without all those kids).

Wherever you go, Put a Finch on It!

Watch the Ricki Lake episode with Emily Finch.

You can follow Emily as @1lessgmsuburban

(updated 9:22 am: changed “Chris” to “Mitch”)

3 Responses

  1. sara says:

    The t-shirt is great! I still owe Emily a custom Cargo Bike Love shirt with a few more heads in the design.

    I am so excited to do a national cargo bike gathering so I can have fun with all you PDXers one day. Thinking a big premiere party of “Less Car More Go” perhaps….

    • wittco says:

      Quite a number of heads I would say. The thing would look like a 7-headed dinosaur! That’d be cool. We would love to have you visit us, just as we would all love to visit you.

  2. 2wheeler says:

    Emily is clearly having too much fun. The show made that abundantly clear. Too many smiles, too much laughing… too many endorphins and probably oxytocin too. Bike people are simply too much and I’m happy to count myself among this bunch whose days are drearier without a nice ride for transportation and joy.

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