One-Year Haul (wittco posted on May 26th, 2013 )

@55thCascadia service project. #SundayParkways #cargobike

It has been a year. A good one. Sometimes “one” doesn’t quite convey the extent of a situation. Yet, one year is a considerable length of time. Doing anything consistently for a year changes a person’s perspective.

Year-long social experiments are fascinating; short enough to be doable, but long enough to impart change. In 2010, I took a self-portrait every day. Fewer than five seconds a day. You wouldn’t think it would matter but it did. Taking the photo punctuated by day. It created a moment of pause and reflection. Then I posted the photo. Looking through the photos, I noticed phases and styles.

Transport/Land is also a social experiment that I started with three others. As of this month, it has been a full year.

Our mission is to provide an online presence to promote the in-presence use of cargo bikes within our community. Looking back, we facilitated synergy. Arguably, the level of synergy was not as much as I hoped, Portland is a fickle town; however, we had some highlights.

Future projects:

  • Promote the useful deconstruction of houses through the ReBuilding Center.
  • Promote cargo bike support for Friends of Trees
    Food delivery
  • Cargo bikes for every day cycling and light truck use.

JUNE: PedalPalooza!!!
Pedalpalooza Lab to Lab ride:My son, Kael, recently received a Tom LaBonty cargo bike. This ride is his idea. Join fellow custom-cargo enthusiasts for a celebration of handmade, one of a kind, utilitarian cycles. Anyone who owns a custom cargo bike, and everyone who simply loves custom cargo bikes, is welcome. We will start at the SE Lucky Lab and ride to the NE Lucky Lab because you cannot spell LaBonty without LAB. Meet up time at SE Lucky Lab is 3 pm (Sunday, June 9th). Hot Rod style display at both locations; bike information cards; and wonky cargo bike games! Come for a haul-of-a-good time!

Be sure to check out the 2013 Disaster Relief Trials.

Hopefully a Cargo Bike Roll Call

Photo at top is the Hydrofiets during a 55th Cascadia scouts service project.

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  1. Ezra says:

    Seems like an great year, keep up the awesome work and social experiments! I’ve honestly really enjoyed following transportland :)

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