Teen Cargo: Happy Birthday Kael (wittco posted on May 16th, 2013 )


It happened. Kael turned 13. There is now a teenager in our house and another cargo bike in our family.

On March 22, 2013, Kael received a custom made cargo bike. This bike is the combined efforts and creativity of friends, family, and Tom Labonty. I thank you all for your involvement. Kael has taken the Cargo Flyer out for many rides. One of the first rides was to Fred Meyer where he purchased a Nerf gun with birthday money and then happened upon a free pile on the way home. What a lucky kid.


The Advanced Wood class at my high school built the box. The box started out as salvaged lumber from two futon frames found in free piles. The Advanced Wood class deconstructed the frames into lumber, planed the wood, and did all sorts of thises and thats to give it a professional look. Then the Metal Shop teacher offered to cut out a metal badge for the bike, using a rendered copy of the Cargo Flyer logo I sketched out. So many people were drawn to this project and quickly offered to help.

Kael now has a bike and a key to a U-Lock. The city is his. I wish him well as he goes forth and explores life. Freedom.

If you are just making it to the party, here is a quick recap–Kael’s first bike was a Radio Flyer trike so his 13th birthday present is a homage to that; in addition, Kael’s first two-wheeled bike was used as the front fork for the Cargo Flyer. Here are previous posts: Teen Cargo, Kael on a Metrofiets, Teen Cargo 2, and Almost Done. In addition, here is a photo set of the bike build.

Video of Cargo Flyer.

It all started years ago …
Kael, age two.
Kael's first or second Christmas

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  1. Yup, he is an amazing individual (kid) and I have always loved his
    “go forth and do it attitude”.mmmGrM karen

  2. …OK….so I just got the video part to work…geez, Kael, melt my heart some more! Love You…….grK

  3. [...] celebrate handmade and custom cargo bikes. Kael recently received a Tom Labonty cargo bike for his 13th birthday. Kael’s ride started at the SE Lucky Lab and ended at the NE Lucky Lab. The premise…You [...]

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