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TRANSPORT/LAND’s mission is to provide an online presence to organize the in-presence use of cargo bikes.

This online presence will enable us to promote cargo bike usage, to create partnerships with our community, to persuade businesses to adopt a cargo bike platform, and to join together for celebration of a common interest.

We believe in exploring the utility of bikes: Carry it ALL by bike!

Contact us at transportPDX[@]gmail[.]com

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  1. Akif says:

    Alan I have been thinking a lot about your msnteteat that Unlike electric bikes, [cargo bikes] fit perfectly into North America’s existing bike culture (macho, anti-auto, lighthearted). I too sense a certain disconnect between the granola eating cargo bikers and the motorcyclist wannabe ebikers. Why is that? And how can we mend this rift? I think we’ll need to mend this rift before we see a popular clean human-scale vehicle that meets the needs of most Americans. Come together people! I have a bit of an identity crisis myself: I ride a stoked Big Dummy electric cargo bike. In Ithaca an ebike is a no brainer. It doesn’t seem mathematically possible but you can ride in any direction and it will be uphill.

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