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Kids and cargo bikes go hand-in-hand. Well, more likely kid-in-cargo bike, but you get what we mean. For many of us, having kids and wanting to transport them is what drew us to cargo bikes. We have a soft spot at TRANSPORT/LAND for the little ones.

Enjoy the cargo bike coloring pages. Print, share, enjoy!
SantaHaul: celebrate Christmas with a bakfiets riding elf.
Luck o’ the Cargo: Leprechaun hauling gold on a Madsen Cycle.
Box Bike Bunny: celebrate easter as this father and son head off to hide eggs.
Happy Fourth of July with a firework front loader!
Empty Nest: when the birds leave the cargo bike nest.
Old Town Cargo Bike: TransportLand
Cargorah: the long tail menorah cargobike

To draw (not yet done…want to draw it for us? Cool, send it to

Summer Pool WorkCycles BIG Bakfiets
Back-to-school desk Metrofiets

Lucky Feets

Precious Cargo card cover for parents of a new baby!

The various cargo bike writers
Nathaniel NET
Omofiets Oscar
Bully Brompton
Bullitt Bryce
Pannier Penny
Trailer Tommy
Long Tail Larry
Recumbent Rick
Box Bike Betty
Cycle Truck Charlie

A party of cargo bike writers
A group of cargo bike writers


Cargo Bike Sketch

Various Shirt Designs

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