Volk Bullitt Review (wittco posted on May 17th, 2012 )

Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farms, recently reviewed his time with a Bullitt. Out of his generosity, we have been able to share his review in full text.

Part of our goal at TRANSPORT/LAND is to support and promote the growth of a cargo bike culture in the Portland area, and business will play role in this. With this in mind, see how one of many businesses in the Portland area go about the business day. Enjoy.


In a previous life I was a bicycle racer and bicycle mechanic, and for a long time I’ve wanted to merge the bike world with the farming world. In the earliest plans for Slow Hand Farm I was lusting after a completely impractical delivery bike like the Classic Dutch Cargo Tricycle from Workcycles, complete with a custom deck to display the produce. like an old time push cart vendor.

I stopped into Splendid Cycles over a year ago, curious to check out their selection of cargo bikes and struck up a conversation with Joel, the owner of what at that time was a one man shop. He was excited enough about what I was doing, even without the bike, that he immediately sent me photos of the set up he thought would be right for me. I did come back for a test ride, but I wasn’t totally convinced. Then, earlier this year, Mike Cobb, a dyed in the wool cargo cyclist and all around great guy who is working with me on the Farm Hand Carts, lent me his Yuba Mundo so I could try out a farm delivery run, human powered. This was actually the second time I had pedaled the produce into town. The first time was a relatively light run on a day when my car ended up in the shop, and for that run I had used my Bike Friday with its trailer grossly overloaded. The run with the Yuba was a significantly heavier load, and while it was fun in its own right, it also made me realize what Joel had been telling me about a good set up.

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