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Carry it ALL by Bike!

8 Responses

  1. Craig Harlow says:

    If it would be useful, I’d like to volunteer myself and my Yuba Mundo to carry a load and join the choreographed cargo bike dance of transportland in the grand floral parade.


    • wittco says:

      Craig, excellent. You are on the list of people to contact when things get moving in the summer. Thank you for the offer. We appreciate the willingness of everyone to further cargo bikes in Portland. We will have a Cargo Bike Roll Call in late Spring. Look for it. Sign up for the email feed to get updates.

  2. Ron Richings says:

    Hi Travis

    If things go according to plan I will be in Portland for June 2 and the parade. I probably won’t be able to bring down my Yuba Mundo, but if someone can scare up a cargo bike or trike I would be happy & thrilled to ride it with you in the parade. Could even bring along a Canadian flag to signify an international conspiracy of cargo bikes/bikers.
    I organised and did a ride in our St. Patrick’s day parade up here in Vancouver, BC. Was riding a recumbent trike for that.

    Ron Richings

    • wittco says:

      Ron, I am sure there is a cargo bike somewhere in Portland you could borrow. Have you tried the usual suspects? I may have a Yuba for borrow; maybe.

  3. John Beaston says:

    Sign me (and the lady) up for a cargo bike parade! Are you thinking of the Starlight and/or Rose parades?

  4. Craig Harlow says:

    Just wondering whether this ever occurred?

    • wittco says:

      Craig, it did. However, not to the extent that was hoped. We applied for the Grand Floral Parade. The entry is free if you are selected. We expected the idea to be whimsical enough for Portland and Portland’s love of cargo bikes, bikes, and local businesses. We were not selected.

      In response, some local companies that utilize cargo bike created a Businesses By Bike group with an entry fee. They were in the Starlight Parade.

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