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Teen Cargo: Happy Birthday Kael ( wittco posted on May 16th, 2013 )


It happened. Kael turned 13. There is now a teenager in our house and another cargo bike in our family. (more…)

Two Cargo Garage ( wittco posted on October 2nd, 2012 )

Ethan and Kellie two cargo bike garage

Cargo bikes are at a high level of visibility in Portland. I live along Williams Avenue and I have witnessed an increase in cargo bikes along this heavily used bike commuter route. Even as short as a year ago, a cargo bike passing by my house caught my attention. It was rare, but now, I see several cargo commuter bikes each day.

There is an increase in cargo bike use for every day life. What’s next? (more…)

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Empty Nest ( wittco posted on August 30th, 2012 )

Empty Nest Color - Aug 27, 2012

We are gearing up for school this week by going through kids clothes to see what still fits. Kids grow out of clothes. It is anpart of life.

Kids growing out of a cargo bike is also a part of life. As much as you want, and as cute as you think it is, your kids will reach a point when they no longer want to ride in (or on) your cargo bike. And this is okay.

In fact, it is great. (more…)