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The Carry All ( wittco posted on October 18th, 2012 )

C.R. Daniels, Inc. fabric bins

When I first saw these bins, I immediately thought: cargo bike use! These bins were about to be piled high with clothes at the Goodwill donation drop off on Lombard St, Portland, OR. The characteristic that caught my eye were the caster wheels. Imagine one of these on the front of a long john, replacing the ubiquitous wooden box. This bin would DETACH from the bike, allowing it and the user a great deal more flexibility. (more…)

Cargo Bike Modifications ( wittco posted on August 23rd, 2012 )


This is the Wingman. It solves my need for a pallet of varying size. It can be a pallet with a narrow Bullitt width, or folded out to provide a bit more pallet area so that my dog can ride in the cargo hold. The bonus of this pallet is that when it is folded, it provides just enough rise so that cargo sits on it rather than the aluminum pallet frame. Making this pallet is my winter project.

In the 4 stages of cargo bike culture, the second stage is the creation of aftermarket products to tailor your cargo bike to meet your specific needs.


Reeces ( wittco posted on July 9th, 2012 )


I own two cargo bikes: a Bullitt (John Player Spezial) and Yuba (Mundo V.3). I find that each bike has its strengths, and I use each for specific situations. I am glad that there are many cargo bike platforms because each rider (or company) is different and has unique needs. (more…)