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CargoPalooza ( wittco posted on June 7th, 2013 )


Yes, I appropriated the appropriate, appropriated name appropriately.

Roll Call @ Base Camp Brewing Company
Thursday, June 13 @ 5 PM– Portland, Oregon
Come one, come all, but come with your cargo bike or curiosity to this open-house style gathering. Stay a few minutes of a few hours and share your cargo bike love.
Base Camp Brewing Company, SE 9th and Oak

Sunday June 23rd
In front of Rigler School, 5401 NE Prescott St
11:00am, WE RIDE AT 11
Roll together during NE Sunday Parkways!
Meet up at Rigler School – we roll at 11am with a stop later at Woodlawn park for a picnic lunch and play time. ALL TYPES OF CARGO BIKES ARE WELCOME!
Please provide your own food and beverages!

Later that day …
820 NE Dekum St Portland, OR 97211
3:30pm – 6:00pm
CARGO BIKE ROLL CALL at Brakeside Brewing. ROLL IN, LINE YOUR BIKE UP, order a beer then chat it with other cargo bike owners at this kid friendly venue. All types of cargo bikes (and the cargo curious) are welcome.

Disaster Relief Trials 2013
July 13 — Portland, Oregon
Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
The Disaster Relief Trails expands this year with the addition of a sizable Cargo Bike Fair, and most exciting of all, integration with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s Sustainable Transportation Expo. The bike manufacturers, dealers and everyday cargo bike owners populating the Cargo Bike Fair will ensure that transit, electric cars, rail and other featured transportation modes will find compelling, human-powered, competition.

For other cargolicious events around the world this summer, check out Chicago Cargo Bike Roll Call‘s listing.

These ones have passed–

LAB to LAB: Handmade and Custom Cargo Bike Ride THIS COMING SUNDAY!!!!
Sunday, June 9 @ 3 PM — Portland, Oregon
Ride from SE Lucky Lab to NE Lucky Lab
My son, Kael, recently received a Tom LaBonty cargo bike. This ride is his idea. Join fellow custom-cargo enthusiasts for a celebration of handmade, one of a kind, utilitarian cycles. Anyone who owns a custom cargo bike, and everyone who simply loves cargo bikes, is welcome. We will start at the SE Lucky Lab and ride to the NE Lucky Lab because you cannot spell LaBonty without LAB. Meet up time at SE Lucky Lab is 3 pm. Hot Rod style display at both locations; bike information cards; and wonky cargo bike games! Come for a haul-of-a-good time!

Happy Mother’s Day ( wittco posted on May 12th, 2013 )

Cargo bike culture may seemingly be pushed forward by males; however, it is the day-to-day use of cargo bikes for family that is the foundation. This foundation was set and is kept by females.

To all of the wonderful mothers out there, on and off cargo bikes. To you we tip our helmets.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Cargo Moms.


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Joke Caption ( wittco posted on January 29th, 2013 )

Two Cargo Bikes Walk Into a Bar ....

Two cargo bikes roll into a bar …
… and the bartender says, “I assume you’re here to get loaded.”

Punch line c/o Phillip Ross.