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Whimsy (wittco posted on October 16th, 2012 )

It’s here. The solid sheet of rain, interspersed only by a heavier downpour. I’m always surprised at how quickly I accept the rain. It was only a little bit ago that it was sunny, and a long stretch of sun it was. A few days of rain and that becomes my reality. Luckily, I have a photograph of this last weekend. A weekend that was sunny.

Free Pile Cargo Love

This last Sunday, my wife and I had a date day. The kids were away so we biked over to Mississippi Street for eats and sights. We took our cargo bikes. My wife’s thinking went something like this … You never know what you will find along the way. Read the rest of this entry >>

The Stages of Cargo Bike Culture (wittco posted on July 3rd, 2012 )

Look around. If you see cargo bikes throughout your day, it is a good indication of cargo bike culture. That’s an obvious one.

Portland has cargo bike culture. It has been almost 5 years since Clever Cycles stocked its store with Work Cycles bakfiets. This offering started the core of what has become a nationally known culture. I bought my first cargo bike from Clever Cycles in 2007, a bakfiets, and went on to own other platforms including a Madsen, Yuba, and Bullitt.

Cargo culture can go through four stages: Presence, Products, Producing, and Pedestrian. Read the rest of this entry >>

Laundry Day (Dave Feucht posted on May 4th, 2012 )

Laundry day

We have a small laundry room at our apartment complex, which usually is sufficient for day-to-day laundry, but every now and then we get lazy about doing laundry for too long, and we build up quite a mass of stuff to wash. In situations like these, sometimes we prefer to take all of it to the laundromat and just get it all done at once.


Not owning a car, our options are either to walk the half-mile to the laundromat, carrying all the laundry – or much better, just strap the laundry basket to the front rack and stuff the panniers. Plus then the laundry gets some nice, fresh air on the way back home!


It’s also handy that the laundromat is right next to a delicious Cuban restaurant (Pambiche), within about 4 blocks of two chocolatiers (Alma and Missionary) and across the street from a great pizzeria (Dove Vivi). Plenty of options for lunch or a snack while you’re waiting for your laundry.


In any case, having ‘ordinary’ bikes that enable us to do things like this is very handy. We never go about our daily errands wondering if we’ll be able to carry what we need to, it’s never been an issue. Just hop on, go, and get it done.