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One-Year Haul (wittco posted on May 26th, 2013 )

@55thCascadia service project. #SundayParkways #cargobike

It has been a year. A good one. Sometimes “one” doesn’t quite convey the extent of a situation. Yet, one year is a considerable length of time. Doing anything consistently for a year changes a person’s perspective. Read the rest of this entry >>

Cargo Bike Parking Two (wittco posted on December 12th, 2012 )

Check out this post by Copenhagenize.com which discusses cargo bike parking. The title of the post is Cargo Bike Specific Parking.

In Portland, we probably do not have enough cargo bikes to warrant cargo bike specific parking areas. However, Portland can plan future bike parking facilities with cargo bikes in mind. My cargo bikes often stick out of on-street bike rack corrals. Read the rest of this entry >>

Of Bikes and Men (wittco posted on December 11th, 2012 )

George & Lennie

… and then two bikes arrived at the rack and stood in the opening by the coffee shop. They were placed side-by-side beside the staple, and even in the light one was larger than the other. Both contained street wheels and handlebars with lights. Both were useful, purposeful bikes and both propelled their owners happily down the road. The first bike was small and quick, foldable frame, with slick detailing and precise, selected design. Every part of it was intentional: small, strong wheels, reduced frame, a classic and British design. Along side sat its opposite, a large bike, extended in design, with a large, front palled, with strong, reinforced frame; and it sat quietly, showing its strength a lot, the way a mule carries its cargo. It frame was not built for compactness, but for cargo. Read the rest of this entry >>