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Bicycle Portrayal in Dystopian Novels (wittco posted on January 31st, 2013 )

In June of 2012, cargo carrying bikes demonstrated disaster recovery prowess in Portland, Oregon with the inaugural Disaster Relief Trials. Carrying over 1.5 tons of food and gear in under three hours, some in just over two hours.

In October and November 2012, KGW TV (NBC affiliate) gave a glimpse of Portland Prepared, posing the idea of preparedness and relief coming on cargo carrying two-wheeled vehicles through such emergency programs as Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs). For more, check out the lively discussion on this topic within the comments of the Bike Portland KGW post.

November 2012, in the aftermath of Sandy, Jonathan Maus (Bike Portland) reported on signs of hope on two wheels for New York City.

Bike use after disaster is not an new idea, and it is not limited to the three references above. However, I believe the visibility was in full effect during Sandy. Bikes can be used for disaster recovery and they are quite effective. Read the rest of this entry >>

Dream (wittco posted on November 8th, 2012 )

Not a pipe dream. A dream that is being recognized this season.

Prior to DRT people prepared, and prior to DRT people used cargo bikes. Some, a small few, may have even used cargo bikes in a preparatory manner. The history on this combination is more than I known. But what I do know is how obvious the connection is between cargo bikes and preparedness. It is part of living a prepared lifestyle, or a lifestyle of resilience.

In many ways, the fervor started with a photograph by Ethan Jewett, shared among the various social networks, and picked up by BikePortland.org along with an article. Ethan staged this photo for the cover of the NET brochure.

A picture was worth a thousand words. The photo inspired. Read the rest of this entry >>

Portland Prepared: KGW News (wittco posted on October 31st, 2012 )

Cargo bike preparedness 4

KGW News will air a spot on being prepared in Portland for a disaster. The angle of this newscast will be the involvement of cargo bikes in this preparation.

At this moment, the air time has yet to be decided; however, it will be soon, and given the recovery from Sandy along the east coast, it will be both timely and telling.

Bikes are integral to civic recovery. Read the rest of this entry >>