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Two-seater (Dave Feucht posted on May 8th, 2012 )

A cargo bike can be a perfectly reasonable passenger vehicle for adults as well, especially if you’re taking your other half somewhere nice!

Alice Awards/Clever Cycles

My Grandmother was a Cargo Bike Rider (wittco posted on May 1st, 2012 )

Grandmother Wittwer and Trike

My parents tell me that I am three years old in this photo. My grandmother hauled me up and down Markham street in Manitowok, Wisconsin. I loved it.

And I still do.

A few years ago my parents sent me a scan of this photo, using it to explain my adulthood fascination of cargo bikes and the culture that surrounds them.

My grandmother is a pragmatic, early adopter; she did not let the conventions of travel dictate her. However, she did wear pearls when necessary. It would be great to be able to park that trike in my garage.

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